L.R. Baggs M80 Pickup

sku: LRBM80
The M80 is a great sounding, easy to use pickup from Baggs. It responds to the string vibrations through the electromagnetic field along with the body and neck vibrations in all three dimensions, yielding a full feedback resistant acoustic sound that even responds effectively to body and neck tapping. So if you like to play guitar in a percussive manner, this pickup will deliver that sound too.

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  • Electromagnetic soundhole pickup with enhanced 3D body vibration sensors
  • Active/passive mode switch
  • Adjustable pole pieces
  • Battery check light
  • Built-in gold plated 1/8" jack
  • Pre-wired 1/4" strapjack (which installs in the endblock)
  • 1/8" plug to connect to the pickup
  • To use on left-handed guitars simply reverse the sequence of the pole pieces
  • Soundhole must be at least 3.5" in diameter and centered beneath the strings
  • Runs on a 3V lithium battery
  • Please note that the B-string pole piece is intentionally left out of the pickup by Baggs, because it typically is not needed. They do include the pole piece in the box with the pickup.

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