Korg TM-60 Combo Tuner/Metronome

sku: TM60-BK
A nice combo tuner/metronome. Features include a large backlit display, volume control and twice the battery life of the popular TM-50. Tuner and metronome functions can be used simultaneously or separately.   More Details...

  • Powered by Two AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Battery Life: Approximately 130 Hours (Tuner Operating) Approximately 130 Hours (Metronome Operating)
  • Auto Power Off: Approximately 20 Minutes
  • Weight: 100 g / 3.53 oz
Tuner Specs:
  • Scale: 12-note equal temperament
  • Detection Range: C1 (32.70Hz)-C8 (4186.01 Hz) with sine wave input
  • Reference Tone Generation: C3 (130.81 Hz)-C6 (1046.50 Hz) three-octave range
  • Tuning Modes: meter mode, sound out mode, sound back mode
  • Calibration Range: A4=410-480 Hz (1Hz units)
  • Detection Accuracy: better than +/- 1 cent
  • Sound Accuracy: better that +/- 1 cent
Metronome Specs:
  • Tempo Range: Quarter not=30-252 times/minute
  • Temping Setting Method: pendulum step, full step, tap tempo
  • Time Signature Range: 15 types (0-9 beats, duplets, triplets, triplets with center note omitted, quadruplets, quadruplets with center notes omitted)
  • Tempo Precision: +/0.3%