Killer Technique: Mandolin

by Suzanna Barnes
sku: 02-30074
For mandolinists seeking to develop their left and right-hand technique. The exercises help reinforce fundamental actions of playing, and challenge you to master the various permutations and combinations of these fundamentals. Each hand is given primary focus, working across all four strings or up and down the fretboard before both hands are challenged simultaneously. Through these exercises, a player can improve their functioning abilities and facilitate better control over the instrument. Helps with the mechanics of playing, improving accuracy, speed, and agility in both hands. Beginning/intermediate. 20 pp.   More Details...

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  • Introduction
  • Left-Hand Workout
  • Finger Patterns
  • Finger Orderings
  • Right-Hand Workout
  • 2 String Set
  • 3 String Combinations
  • 4 String Combinations
  • Combining Workouts
  • About the Author