Keith Hill Viola D'Amore #72 (1984)

sku: 110U-5231
A modern take on a wild 16th-17th century instrument, this Keith Hill Viola D'Amore #72 features an 18” long body with a spruce top, "flaming sword" f-holes, figured maple back and sides, maple neck, bound ebony playing surface with wood inlay, and bound ebony tailpiece with wood inlay. It has 7 (seven) solo or chording strings (tuned A-D-A-D-F#-A-D, low to high) and 13 (thirteen!!!) drone strings. An angelic head and wings decorate the top of the headstock. 1-3/4" nut, 16-5/8" scale. Handmade in Michigan, this instrument is in excellent condition. Includes a poster. Consignment.