Kala Elite USA KU-ELT-BF Brown Fluorocarbon Ukulele String Set (with High & Low G Strings)

This set fits Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Super Tenor ukulele sizes. The sound of these brown 100% fluorocarbon strings can be described as warm, mellow, and astonishingly clear. They have a clean, natural sustain and plenty of projection. The set includes a thicker C string to deliver a more robust presence in the low end of the instrument, making the entire set sound richer, fuller, and more consistent from string to string. Also, both a wound Low G String and a Standard High G String are included. You’ll be covered no matter your preference. Made in conjunction with Worth Ukulele Strings, a Japanese company well known for their fluorocarbon string material that enhances intonation, note clarity, and sustain.

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