John Hartford

John Hartford - Aereo Plain / Morning Bugle: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings

sku: RGM-CD00098
2012 - 1971 and 72', 2 CDs, 35 tracks;  the perennially popular Hartford recordings reissued again at last! With Vassar Clements, Tut Taylor, Norman Blake, Randy Scruggs, and Dave Holland. It includes fully eight previously-unreleased tracks from those historic sessions!   More Details...

Disc One:

  1. Turn Your Radio On
  2. Steamboat Whistle Blues
  3. Back in the Goodle Days
  4. Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie
  5. Boogie
  6. First Girl I Loved
  7. Presbyterian Guitar
  8. With a Vamp in the Middle
  9. Symphony Hall Rag
  10. Because of You
  11. Steam Powered Aereo Plane
  12. Holding
  13. Tear Down the Grand Ole Opry
  14. Leather Britches
  15. Station Break
  16. Turn Your Radio On
  17. Sweetheart Can't You Hear Me Calling (unreleased track)
  18. Weave and Way ( previously unreleased track)
  19. Cumberland Gap (previously unreleased track)
  20. Orange Blossom Special (previously unreleased track)

Disc Two:
Morning Bugle

  1. Streetcar
  2. Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Anymore
  3. Howard Hughes' Blues
  4. All Fall Down
  5. On the Road
  6. Morning Bugle
  7. Old Joe Clark
  8. My Rag
  9. Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home
  10. Got No Place to Go
  11. Bye-Bye
  12. Flower Power Died (previously unreleased track)
  13. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (previously unreleased track)
  14. Back Up and Push (previously unreleased track)
  15. Airport Floor (previously unreleased track)