Joe Pass

Joe Pass Solo Jazz Guitar - From the Classic Hot Licks Video Series

by Joe Pass
sku: 49-338499
In this re-transcribed and edited book with online video, Pass demonstrates techniques that will benefit not only jazz guitarists but rock and blues players as well. Topics include chord melody, substitutions, leading tones, chromatic chords, voice movements, and many more special exercises. This is your chance to study with an absolute legend of jazz guitar! All the guitar tab from the original booklets is included and using modern-day technology to provide you with the most accurate transcriptions ever created for this series. Plus, we've included tab for examples that were previously not transcribed, providing you with the most comprehensive Hot Licks guitar lessons yet! Each book comes with a unique code used to access the cloud-based video footage from any type of device.   More Details...
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  • Biography
  • Selected Discography
  • Chapter 1: Coloring the I-vi-ii-V
  • Chapter 2: Strategic Alterations
  • Chapter 3: More I-vi-ii-V Ideas
  • Chapter 4: Turnarounds
  • Chapter 5: Melodic Substitutions
  • Chapter 6: Modes and Chord Scales
  • Chapter 7: Bass Lines and Comping
  • Outro
  • Guitar Notation Legend