Jazz Guitar Duets

by Tim Fischer and William Flynn
sku: 02-30558M
Book with online audio. Takes you on an exploration of the entire range of the fretboard through 10 duets over standard jazz progressions. Each duet includes in-depth analysis. Read the etudes together with a friend to strengthen your sight-reading skills and develop your ability to read one part against a contrasting part. The audio features the authors playing each duet together, along with tracks that isolate each part. Play along with one track to learn the nuances of jazz phrasing, or play along with the other to create a virtual duet. Notation only. 52 pp.   More Details...

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How To Use This Book
Etudes With Analysis

New Blue
Prince's Waltz
Minor Blues In G
Two Of You
Major Blues In F
Rhythm Squabble
All Your Things
Why So Blue, Alice?
Lester Stomps In

Etudes With Position Markings

New Blue
Minor Blues In G

About The Authors