The Claudettes

Infernal Piano Plot... Hatched!

sku: YDR-CD2065
2013 - The instrumental duo of pianist Johnny Iguana and Michael Caskey blast on with jazz-infused boogie woogie tunes.   More Details...


  1. Stumblin' Home Satisfied
  2. Big Sucker Punch
  3. Hammer and Tickle
  4. Tide Pool
  5. Deep Soul for High Society
  6. New Orleans Yard Sale (New 11-Bar Blues)
  7. Infernal Piano Plot... HATCHED!
  8. Serenading the Clean-Up Crew
  9. Tremblin' Blues
  10. Motörhome
  11. Land of Precisely Three Dances
  12. Chin-Up Tango
  13. Do You See It Too?