Improvising with Mini-Arpeggios

by Paul Musso
sku: 02-30451M
Book with online audio. A unique, simplified approach to using arpeggios when improvising for guitarists of all levels looking to improve technique and improvisation skills. This method makes it possible to seamlessly incorporate arpeggios into jazz improvisation. Includes 30+ arpeggio-based licks spanning major, minor, dominant, blues and ii-V-I categories. Most guitarists view arpeggios and scales as separate entities - this book solves this problem by illustrating the relationship between eight simple arpeggio fingerings and scales/modes. Several etudes also included. Advanced. Note/tab. 60 pp.   More Details...
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Improvising with Mini-Arpeggios - Introduction

Basic Theory

  • Triad Arpeggios
  • Seventh Chord Arpeggios

Utilizing Mini-Arpeggios

  • Note Order

Approach Tones

  • Approach Tones From Below
  • Approach Tones From Above – Chromatic
  • Approach Tones From Above - Diatonic
  • Combining Chromatic and Diatonic

Improvising Over ii V I Progressions

Combining Mini-Arpeggios With Scales

  • Dominant Seventh: Mixolydian and Blues
  • Minor Modes: Dorian, Aeolian and Phrygian
  • Major Modes: Ionian and Lydian
  • Locrian Mode
  • Phrygian Mode as an Altered Scale

Ultimate Mini-Arpeggio Challenge