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Improve Your Sight Reading Guitar Grades 4-5

by Paul Harris

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Improve Your Sight-Reading! Guitar, Levels 4--5 is designed to help classical guitarists overcome sight-reading problems, especially in the context of graded exams. Step by step musicians build a complete picture of each piece, first through rhythmic and melodic exercises related to specific technical issues, then by studying prepared pieces with associated questions, and finally with a series of meticulously graded sight-reading pieces. Written to support the ABRSM's sight-reading requirements.

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Grade 4

Stage 1: A major, Chromatic notes, Phrase markings
Stage 2: 6/8 time, Two part writing
Stage 3: Sixteenth notes
Stage 4: More rhythms in 6/8

Grade 5

Stage 1: Syncopation, Up-beats, Extending to C
Stage 2: B minor, Dotted sixteenth notes, Two-note chords
Stage 3: Double forte, Revision
The Golden Rules
Practice Chart