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I Wanna Sing Right: Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country - Part One: Bad Boys and Good Men

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sku: VAL-CD027
2015 - Six songs, the first EP of Valcour Records' ten-year anniversary project! Produced by Joel Savoy and Joshua Caffery, "Bad Boys" is the first of a limited edition set of four EPs that capture some of South Louisiana's most talented artists performing fresh takes on a series of folk songs - both French and English - archived in Louisiana in 1934 by the late Alan and John Lomax. Featuring Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones-Savoy, Megan Brown, Claire Caffery, Michael Doucet, Dirk Powell and others.   More Details...


  1. Le Garçon Sans Soucis - Megan Brown and Joel Savoy
  2. Batson - Claire Caffery
  3. Inch Above Your Knee - Kelli Jones-Savoy and Joel Savoy
  4. La Chanson de Théogène Dubois - Michael Doucet
  5. The Waco Girl - Dirk Powell
  6. La Jolie Fille et le Garçon Colonial - Megan Brown