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I've Got a Bulldog



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2012 - Top-shelf aggregation featuring fiddlers Rhys Jones and Cleek Schrey, John Herrmann on banjo, bassist Meredith McIntosh and singer-guitarist Susie Goehring. "Hell on the Wabash," "The Dying Cowboy," "Indian Eat the Woodpecker," 17 in all.

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  1. Indian Corn
  2. Newt Payne's
  3. I've Got a Bulldog
  4. Chase the Squirrel
  5. Hooker's Hornpipe
  6. Black Eyed Susie
  7. Indian Eat the Woodpecker
  8. Sleepy Eyed Joe
  9. I've Got a Girl in Baltimore
  10. Gilsaw
  11. Coal Harbor Bend
  12. The Dying Cowboy
  13. Cluck Old Hen
  14. Hell On the Wabash
  15. I'll Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  16. Speed the Plough
  17. The Wedding of Nancy Ann