Oud by Ahmed Abd El Haliem (late 20th century)

sku: 200U-206620
This Egyptian oud built by Oud House (Ahmed Abd El Haliem) in Cairo features 12 strings in 6 courses, a cedar top, and a bowl back of 21 wood ribs. This instrument is sold AS-IS (needs new nut, glue rib seam, set-up, strings, etc.). This instrument is in good condition.   More Details...

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The following specs were provided by our repair and appraisal teams. For a more detailed description please call (517) 372-7880
  • Late 20th century
  • GC
  • Rustic natural satin finish 
  • Lebanon cedar top?
  • Wood and celluloid marquetry and veneer throughout
  • Pearl top purfling
  • Wood veneer scratchplate
  • Boxwood? friction tuning pegs (need refitting)
  • 12 strings, 6 courses of 2
  • Bowl-back of 21 maple ribs, exterior veneered in rosewood, spruce?, and burl walnut
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • Three soundholes rosettes and flower pearl borders
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • 24-1/2” scale
  • Label reads “OUD HOUSE, AHMED ABD EL HALIEM, MANUFACTURING & SELLING, ALL MUSIC TOOLS,  A.C. 216961 T3901970” , label also in Arabic 
  • Made in Cairo, Egypt
  • Thin vinyl zipper bag 
  • Needs new nut, glue rib seam, set-up, strings, etc. - sold AS-IS