Curly Miller & Carole Anne Rose

Horse Shoe Bend

sku: MR-CD0754
2004 -- "Old Fiddle Tunes: Fiddle, Banjo and Bowed Bass!" Curly plays straight- and cross-tuned fiddles and bass, Carole Anne plays an array of old-style nylon-strung, skinhead banjos and Goldtone 6-string cello banjo on 22 tunes: "Swamp Cat Rag," "Duffy the Dancer," "Moze Haymar Jig," "Bunker Hill / Sligo Reel," "Tater Vals," lots more.   More Details...


  1. Swamp Cat Rag
  2. Hiram Allen's Tune
  3. Duffy the Dancer
  4. I Lost My Love and I Care Not
  5. Salty River Reel
  6. Moze Haymar Jig
  7. Horse Shoe Bend
  8. Dance to your Daddy
  9. Give the Fiddler a Dram
  10. The Old Countryman's Reel
  11. Shag Poke
  12. Little Dog Trotting Down the River
  13. Frog's Frolic / Three Little Drummers
  14. Katy Did
  15. Dusty Miller
  16. E. M. Hall's No. 2
  17. Skin Britches with Hatch
  18. Done Gone
  19. Medley of 3 Polkas: Two Danish / One Hungarian
  20. Bunker Hill / Sligo Reel
  21. Jenny on the Railroad
  22. Tater Vals