Hercules DG305B Tablet Holder

sku: DG305B
All-in-one professional tablet holder. Fits 7" - 12.1" tablets. Smart 3-way adjustable holder is easy to use and folds into a minimal, compact size -- no tools required. Includes microphone stand clamp and a "smart adapter" that screws right onto the threaded part of any mic stand. Also there is a suction cup mounting adapter is specially designed to be used on non-porous flat and horizontal surfaces.   More Details...

  • Fits 7" to 12.1" Tablets
  • Easily Adjustable, with 3 adapters
  • Stand Clamp Adapter for attaching to side of a stand
  • Smart Adapter for screwing onto the top of a mic stand
  • Suction Cup Adapter (for use on smooth horizontal surfaces ONLY)