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Harmonica Essentials - Gig Savers Complete Edition

by David Barrett and Fritz Hasenpusch

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Designed to provide harmonica players with answers to common questions in a concise, user-friendly fashion. This complete edition is comprised of six books: Essential Theory, Essential Scales, Essential Quick Charts, Harmonica Microphones, Harmonica Amplifiers and First Gig. 6" x 9" 102 pp.

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Part One Essential Theory:

  • Covers the main body of musical knowledge needed by all harmonica players: reading notation, how to build chromatic and diatonic scales, triad chord qualities, position theory and the 12-bar blues progression

Part Two Essential Scales:

  • Lessons on building chromatic/diatonic scales, position theory and scales/modes such as major, minor, mixolydian, dorian and blues

Part Three Essential Quick Charts:

  • Presents important reference charts that cover specific topics such as diatonic keys, bending, over-bending, positions, major/minor scales and Lee Oskar special tuning

Part Four Harmonica Microphones:

  • Discussions on microphone usage, such as popular microphones, bodies, elements, accessories, interchangeability/customization and how microphones are paired with amplifiers

Part Five Harmonica Amplifiers:

  • Discusses amp heads, equalizers, effects, speakers, extension cabinets, tube substitutions and how to select an amp depending on a venue

Part Six First Gig:

  • Shows the harmonica player what to do from the beginning until the end of a gig. Jam session etiquette, amps, mic and harp choices, building set lists and other issues which may confront the performer