Hands-On Dulcimer: Developing Technique Through Exercises and Studies

by Mike Casey
sku: 02-98392M
Book/Online audio set. Designed to help fretted dulcimer players at all levels grow in their technical abilities by developing strength, precision, control and flexibility in both the right and left hands. Explore flatpicking, fingerpicking, slurs, chords, strumming, left hand precision and placement, right hand strength and control, volume, tone, articulation, and more using both dulcimer tablature and standard music notation. The tunes & exercises are in the common dulcimer tuning of D-A-D, with a few exceptions. Some exercises are included for the four-string and five-string dulcimers, and a 6+ fret is required. The audio demonstrates key exercises and most of the tunes in the book. 173 pp.   More Details...
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1 Introduction
A Few Suggested Guidelines
Reading the Dulcimer Tab

2 In the Beginning...
Warm Up Stretches and Posture
The Basics of Left Hand Fingering
Combining Flatpicking with Left Hand Fingering
Combining Flatpicking, Strumming and Left Hand Fingering

3 The Right Hand

4 The Left Hand
Hand Position Shifts, Guide and Pivot Fingers
Scales in Rhythm
Finger Independence
Slurs (Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs and Slides)

5 Fingerpicking
Mechanics of Fingerpicking
Right Hand Position
Fingerpicking Patterns
Multiple Notes
Finger (Picking) Independence

6 Challenges for Both Hands
Left Hand Fingering
Arpeggios and Chords
Dynamics and Tone
Crossing Strings and Fingers

7 Adding Strings
Four Strings
Cross-String Playing
Five Strings

8 A Few Good Tunes...
Tunes combining flatpicking and chords
The First Noel
The South Wind
Loch Lomond
The Languor of Love

Old Time Fiddle Tunes
Old Molly Hare
Shooting Creek
Sally in the Garden

The South Wind
Megan's Daughter
The Munster Buttermilk

Challenging Pieces
The Scotch Cap
Harvest Home

Four and Five-String Arrangements
The Ash Grove
The South Wind
Grace Nugent

End Notes
About the Author


Two: In the Beginning...
Exercise 1: Simple Strum
Exercise 2A-B: Basic Dulcimer Strum
Exercise 3A-D: Flatpicking
Exercise 4A-B: Beginning Left Hand Fingering
Exercise 5: Scale Exercise in D
Exercise 6: Picks and Strums

Three: The Right Hand
Exercise 7: Basic Dulcimer Strum with Accents
Exercise 8: Eighths and Quarters
Exercise 9: Doubling Up
Exercise 10: Jig Time
Exercise 11A-B: Irish Jig Strum
Exercise 12: Changing Strum Directions
Exercise 13: Aiming the Strum
Exercise 14A-L: Flatpicking Patterns
Exercise 15A-B: Crosspicking
Exercise 16A-E: More Flatpicking Patterns
Exercise 17A-N: Three String Fingerpicking Patterns

Four: The Left Hand
Exercise 18A-B: Lower Octave Scales
Exercise 19: Scale Exercise in G
Exercise 20A-F: Two Octave Scales in D-A-D Tuning
Exercise 21A-D: Guide and Pivot Fingers
Exercise 22A-B: Scales at Capo 3
Exercise 23A-B: Lower Octave Scales in Rhythm
Exercise 24A-F: Two Octave Scales in Rhythm
Exercise 25: Scale Fragments
Exercise 26A-F: Simple Three Finger Independence
Exercise 27A-G: Four Finger Independence on One String
Exercise 28A-T: Finger Independence on Multiple Strings
Exercise 29: Modal Independence
Exercise 30: Modern Independence
Exercise 31: Simple Hammers and Pulls
Exercise 32A-E: Hammers and Pulls in the Lower Octave
Exercise 33: Hammer and Pull Exercise
Exercise 34: The Big Stretch Hammer and Pull Exercise
Exercise 35A-B: Slides

Five: Fingerpicking
Exercise 36: Practicing Rest Strokes
Exercise 37A-F: More Three String Fingerpicking Patterns
Exercise 38: Pinches and Brushes
Exercise 39: Alternating Index and Middle Fingers
Exercise 40A-B: Easy Fingerpicking Independence Exercise
Exercise 41: Fingerpicking Independence Exercise
Exercise 42A-L: Crossing Strings Independently
Exercise 43: Fingerpicking Arpeggio Exercise
Exercise 44: Traveling Arpeggios #1
Exercise 45: Traveling Arpeggios #2

Six: Challenges for Both Hands
Exercise 46A-J: Left Hand Fingering Options
Exercise 47A-C: Intervals
Exercise 48A-D: Articulation Choices
Exercise 49A-B: Easy Arpeggio Exercise
Exercise 50A-B: Lower Octave Arpeggio Study
Exercise 51A-B: Scale in Chords
Exercise 52: Flatpicking and Chord Exercise
Exercise 53: D Major Scale Chord Exercise
Exercise 54: The Spider
Exercise 55: The Climbing Spider
Exercise 56: Crossing Strings Blues

Seven: Adding Strings
Exercise 57A-P: Flatpicking Patterns for Four Strings
Exercise 58A-S: Fingerpicking Patterns for Four Strings
Exercise 59: Basic Chords in D-A-D-D
Exercise 60A-C: Cross-String Scales in D-A-D-D
Exercise 61: Chimes I
Exercise 62: Chimes II
Exercise 63A-L: Five-String Flatpicking Patterns
Exercise 64A-B: Five-String Lower Octave Scales
Exercise 65: Basic Five-String Chords
Exercise 66: Exploring the Five-String Dulcimer