Hal Leonard Guitarron Method

by Raquel Gonzalez Paraiso and Francisco Lopez
sku: 49-279537
This comprehensive method for beginners is designed for anyone just learning to play the Mexican six-string bass guitar known as the guitarrón. It serves as an introduction to the instrument, its techniques, reading music, and teaching you how to play with fun songs and video lessons available online for download or streaming. Topics covered include: tuning • left- and right-hand technique • notes on the fingerboard • open-string notes • stopped notes • scales • accompaniment styles • and more.   More Details...

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  • Parts of the Instrument
  • Tuning
  • Left- and Right-Hand Technique
  • Notes of the Fingerboard
  • Open-String Notes
  • Stopped Notes
  • Scales
  • Accompaniment Styles
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Basic Music Reading
  • Many Exercises and Songs
  • Online Video Lessons