Guitar Chords 101

by Michael P. Wolfsohn
sku: 49-300148
More than just a catalog of chords, this book is designed to help any player find, play and properly use chords. It will quickly become a powerful tool and an important aid to your musical development. The book functions in three different ways: 1) As a chord dictionary – look up any unfamiliar chords you encounter; 2) As a chord substition guide – learn about how chord substitutions work, when to use them and which chords may be substituted for others; 3) As a harmonic reference – find out how chord progressions are commonly built and how to choose the exact chords you want to create your own progressions. If you've been confused by chord dictionaries that overwhelm you with shapes and forms but don't tell you what to do with them, this is the book you've been looking for!
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