Gold Tone / Nechville Ot-MH Marc Horowitz Signature Banjo & Gigbag

$1,950 $2,700
sku: OTMH
Stable graphite neck on a 12" Nechville Atlas pot with Nechville's Flex-Tone adjustable/removable neck system. Great for festivals! Great tone anywhere! - Graphite neck (26-1/4" scale. 1-1/4" nut), pearl dot inlays with star on peghead and at 5th fret, S-shaped scoop starts at 17th fret, Gotoh nickel 2-band planetary gears & geared 5th peg with black buttons. Nechville Atlas pot (no tone ring) with Remo Fiberskyn head, tension hoop cut low near neck for hand comfort, Sampson compensated birch & ebony bridge, Nechville straight-pulling tailpiece, Little Mountain black Corian armrest. Heavy duty padded gigbag. This joint project between Gold Tone and Nechville was instigated by banjo player and musical instrument sales rep Marc Horowitz. Marc spent too much time adjusting his banjo and too little time playing at a rainy festival a few years ago. This was his solution.

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