GFI Ultra D10 Pedal Steel (recent)

sku: 185U-205474
A nice pedal steel, this GFI Ultra D10 has two 10 string necks (E9/C6) with black fretboards on a black finished metal body. The fretboard features horseshoe and clover markers. It has 8 foot pedals, 5 knee levers, and is equipped with GFI III pickups and modern tuners. This instrument is in excellent condition.   More Details...

  • Black finish on metal body
  • Two 10 string necks (E9/C6)
  • Black fretboards
  • Horse shoe and clover markers 
  • 8 foot pedals
  • 5 knee levers
  • GFI III pickups
  • Modern tuners
  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • Original hardshell case
  • EC