Get Chugging: How to Play Rhythm Harmonica

by Ben Hewlett & Paul Lennon
$12 $19.99
sku: 02-20848M
CLEARANCE PRICED! Book with online audio. Teaches the basics - rhythm and breathing; tunes will come later. This approach has helped thousands of new harmonica players; now it's YOUR turn! Chugging is all about sound textures - rich train sounds, gruff blues and spiraling country dance beats. The whole method is aural - just listen to the online audio and follow the instructions - the book expands the music and puts it on paper for you. Beginning/intermediate. Note/tab. 45 pp.   More Details...

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Part 1 - The Chugs

Chugs 1 - 10

Part 2 - The Tunes

Choo chaka (duet)
Doo chicka
Choo diddeley
Chow diddeley
Siggy saggy
Tooka chicka
Zz ack-a
Drrr (duet)
Chuckety tickety
Chicken tikka (duet)

Part 3 - Trainsounds

Trainsounds 1 - Zz ack-a
Trainsounds 2 - Tikka Hoo
Trainsounds 3 - Tikka Hoo, tikka duddeley
Trainsounds 4 - Hooka tikka
Trainsounds 5 - Woww

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