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German Schauss's Speed Guitar

by German Schauss

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Book with online audio & video. Guitarists of all styles, from metal and rock to jazz and acoustic, often feel the need for speed. German "Lightspeeder" Schauss, recognized as one of the world's fastest guitarists, takes you through the process. Learn to warm up properly and practice alternate picking using melodic patterns across all the strings over the full fretboard. You'll learn how to create and vary your own patterns, and make the vital connection between your mind, picking hand, and fretting hand to enable optimal speed. Note/tab. 80 pp.

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About the Author

Warm-Up and Coordination Exercises

  • Dancing Fingers
  • Understanding the Examples
  • Basic Picking Speed
  • Chromatic Triplet Runs
  • String Skipping Warm-Ups
  • Four-Note-per-String Chromatic Lines
  • Chromatic String Skipping Runs

The Art of Developing Patterns and Sequences

  • Devices for Varying a Motive
  • Applying the Melodic Devices
  • Pattern Numbers

Developing Picking Skills Across the Fretboard

  • The A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Patterns Ahead!

  • Three-Note Patterns
  • Four-Note Patterns
  • Five-Note Patterns
  • Six-Note Patterns
  • Intervallic Patterns

Melodic Single- and Two-String Patterns

  • Single-String Patterns
  • Two-String Patterns
  • Creating a Roadmap on the Fretboard

Moving Across the Guitar with A Three-Note-per-String Scale

  • Three- and Four-Note Patterns
  • Five- and Six-Note Patterns


  • 2nds
  • 3rds
  • 4ths
  • 5ths
  • 6ths
  • 7ths
  • Octaves
  • Intervallic Licks in C Major
  • Harmonic and Melodic Minor
  • Scale Forms

Getting into the Details

  • The Pentatonic Scale
  • The Three-Note-per-String Scale

Speed Development and Absolute Pick Control

  • Using a Metronome
  • Practice
  • Using the Rhythm Pyramid

The Coordination Challenge

  • A Minor Pentatonic
  • Coordination Exercises
  • A Major Coordination Exercises
  • Rhythm Pyramid Coordination Exercises
  • Burst or Bust
  • More Rhythmic Variations

Got Speed?

  • Chromatic Alternate-Picking Exercises
  • More Chromatic
  • Alternate-Picking Exercises

Application Time

  • Etudes for the Busy Days
  • Conclusion