Square Peg Rounders

Galax, Nyc

sku: SPR-CD2013
2013 - Recorded in one felicitous four-hour session in NYC, a week after a jam-besotted weekend together at the Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA. Fiddler Aaron Jonah Lewis, Sam Guthridge on banjo and guitarist Erica Weiss.   More Details...

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  1. Merriweather
  2. Arkansas Traveller
  3. Sally Ann
  4. Cattle in the Cane
  5. Red Apple Rag
  6. Cotton Eyed Joe
  7. Billy in the Lowground
  8. Forks of Sandy
  9. Gypsy Dance
  10. Turkey in the Straw
  11. Dinah
  12. Indian Ate a Woodchuck