Folklore of the World: Recorder Edition

by Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen
sku: 02-30534
Famous folk songs from various cultures arranged for the recorder, including nine duets and two solos. Some of these delightful pieces are written in challenging time signatures such as 7/8 or a combination of 5/8 and 4/8. Easy to intermediate in difficulty and can be played by soprano, alto and tenor recorders. 27 pp.

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  • El Rio
  • Hava Nagila
  • To See Swainson
  • Sweet Betsy From Pike
  • Variacones Sobre Un Tema Catalan
  • Aura Lee
  • Driving With The Troika
  • Capriccio Mazedonia
  • About Embellishments
  • Kalamatianos
  • Zwiefacher
  • Ack Varmeland, Du Skona