Folk Music in Overdrive - A Primer on Traditional Country and Bluegrass Artists

by Ivan Tribe
sku: 82-14
A compilation of Ivan Tribe’s more significant published articles, revised and updated, from their original publication in magazines such as Bluegrass Unlimited, Old Time Music, and others. Tribe delivers essays on solo artists such as Charlie Monroe and Mac Odell; country music duos like Joe and Stacy Isaacs or the brotherly duos of The Bailes, Callahan, and Goins brothers; famous and lesser known sidemen, such as fiddlers Tater Tate and Natchee the Indian, or dobro player Speedy Krise; and musical groups such as the enigmatic Coon Creek Girls. This collection of 39 revised articles yields new information and spans bluegrass as a genre from its beginnings to the present. Part of the Charles K. Wolfe Music Series. 392 pp.

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