Dan Miller & Tim May

Flatpicking Essentials Vol. 5: Improvisation and Style Studies

by Dan Miller & Tim May
sku: 475-7
The mysteries of improvisation revealed! Step-by-step gradual learning method that will have you improvising immediately and then build your skill slowly and steadily. The authors use a two-part approach: one a blues-based, pentatonic-scale system, the second a root notes and chord-tones approach, much as jazz students do but here designed for bluegrass. PLUS a "founding fathers" section with Doc Watson, Clarence White, Norman Blake, Tony Rice and Dan Crary. Wow! Spiralbound; 152 pp. Incudes 2 CDs.   More Details...

Part 1, Section 1: Blues Improvisation

Minor Scales

Natural Minor

Harmonic Minor

Melodic Minor

Dorian Mode

G Minor Pentatonic Scale

The Blues Improvisation Exercise

Stage 1: Three Notes and a G Chord Shuffle

Stage 2: Five Notes and a G Chord Shuffle

Stage 3: Five Notes and a I, IV, V Shuffle

Stage 4: Note Targeting

Stage 5: Bluegrass Rhythm

Stage 6: Same Notes, New Octave

Stage 7: Two Octaves

Stage 8: The G Blues Scale

Stage 9: The Closed G Blues Scale

Stage 10: Combining Patterns

Stage 11: Blues All Over the Neck

Stage 12: Connecting the Boxes

Stage 13: Licks and Bends

Stage 14: Learn to Say Something

Stage 15: Working with New I, IV, V Progressions

Carter's Blues

I Am A Pilgrim

Stage 16: Exploring Other Keys

Blues Section Conclusion

Part 1, Section 2: Improvisation: Finding Root Notes and Chord Tones

Stage 1: Finding the Root Notes

Stage 2: Filling in the Spaces in G

Stage 3: Root Notes and the I, IV, V Progression

Stage 4: Leading Tones

Stage 5: Filling in the Spaces in a I, IV, V Progression

Stage 6: Using Repeating Patterns

Durham's Reel

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain

Stage 7: Finding the Chord Tones

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain (Improv 2)

Stage 8: Working with the Major Pentatonic Scale

Stage 9: Working with New I, IV, V Progressions

Stage 10: Exploring Other Keys

Stage 11: Song Analysis and Practice

Improvisation Conclusion

Part 2: Style Studies


Doc Watson

Combining Scales and Folding Scales

Lonesome Road Blues

Wabash Cannonball

Norman Blake Strumming Exercises

Lead Pattern Examples

Arkansas Traveler

Blackberry Blossom

Clarence White

Clarence White Licks

Shuckin' The Corn

Farewell Blues

Tony Rice The Riceolian Mode

The Mode's The Thing

Tony Rice Licks

Dan Crary Dan Crary Licks

The Tunes

Billy In The Lowground

Banks of the Ohio

Blackberry Blossom

Jimmy Brown the Newsboy

East Tennessee Blues

Salt Creek

Long Journey Home

More Pretty Girls Than One

The Road Ahead