Dan Miller

Flatpicking Essentials Vol. 3: Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes

by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller
sku: 475-5
Wean yourself off of tablature for good, learn to create variations of tunes you already know, and learn to improvise! Step-by-step instruction on the structure of fiddle tunes, how to assimilate them into your own musical language and learn any tune by ear. Lots of tunes, too! Spiralbound; includes 2 CDs.

  • Introduction

    A Brief History of Fiddle Music in America

    Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes on the Guitar

  • The Structure of Fiddle Tunes

    Step One: Learn the Chord Progression

  • Find a Recording
  • Find the Key
  • Sing the Melody

    Step Two: Learn the Melody on the Guitar

    Step Three: Simplify

  • Analysis
  • Melody Burnout

    Step Four: Embellish the Simple Version

    Step Five: Work on Variations

Analysis of "Paddy On The Turnpike"

Paddy On The Turnpike Version 1

Paddy On The Turnpike Version 2

Paddy On The Turnpike Version 3

Paddy On The Turnpike Version 4

Paddy On The Turnpike Version 5

Paddy On The Turnpike Version 6

Major Scales, Folding Scales, and Common Patterns

  • Major Scales
  • 8-Note Folding Scale
  • 4-Note Folding Scale
  • 3-Note Folding Scale
  • Folding Thirds #1
  • G Pattern 1
  • G Pattern 2
  • G Pattern 3
  • Chromatic Pattern
  • Folding Thirds #2

A Look at "Forked Deer"

Forked Deer Version 1

Forked Deer Version 2

Forked Deer Version 3

Forked D(more...)

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