Dan Miller

Flatpicking Essentials Vol. 2: Learning How to Solo - Carter Style and Beyond

by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller
sku: 475-4
Book/2-CD package. You CAN learn how to take a guitar solo on ANY vocal tune! The founder and editor of flatpickin' guitar's hippest magazine teaches you how to get inside of a song, understand it and make it your own, and how to build snappy, idiomatic guitar solos: Carter style, double stops, crosspicking, tremolo, the works - and lots of familar songs to work on, too. Spiralbound, 108 pp.   More Details...

Table of Contents for "Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 2":


Arranging Solos for Vocal Tunes (Overview)

  • Step One: Select a Song
  • Step Two: Find the Chords
  • Step Three: Find the Melody ("You Are My Sunshine" Examples)
  • Step Four: Basic Carter Style
  • Step Five: Simplify the Melody ("You Are My Sunshine" Examples)

Practicing the Steps:

  • "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
  • "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain"


  • "Nine Pound Hammer"
  • "Jesse James"
  • "Red River Valley"
  • "Old Joe Clark"

Waltz Time

Waltz Time Exercises

  • "Down in the Valley"
  • "Amazing Grace"

Practice with Carter Style

  • "Jimmy Brown the Newsboy"
  • "Grandfather"s Clock"
  • "Old Spinning Wheel"
  • "Uncloudy Day"
  • "Home Sweet Home"
  • "John Hardy"
  • "John Henry"
  • "Buffalo Gals"
  • "Lonesome Road Blues"
  • "Wildwood Flower"
  • "Cripple Creek"
  • "Banks of the Ohio"
  • "East Virginia Blues"
  • "Keep On The Sunny Side"
  • "Bury Me Beneath the Willow"
  • "Yellow Rose of Texas"


  • "Twinkle, Twinkle Tremolo"

Tremolo Exercise

  • "You Are My Sunshine" Tremolo
  • "Worried Man Blues" Tremolo
  • "Bury Me Beneath the Willow" Tremolo
  • "You Are My Sunshine" Spiced-up Tremolo
  • "Boogie-Woogie Blues"

Double Stops

  • "Bile the Cabbage Down" Double Stops

Finding Double Stops in Chord Shapes

  • "You Are My Sunshine" Double Stops
  • "Buffalo Gals" Double Stops
  • "Cripple Creek" Double Stops
  • "Wildwood Flower" Double Stops
  • "Worried Man Blues" Double Stops
  • "Streets of Loredo" Double Stops


Crosspicking Patterns

Crosspicking Exercise

  • "Banks of the Ohio" Crosspicking
  • "Wildwood Flower" Crosspicking
  • "Home Sweet Home" Crosspicking
  • "Oh, Susanna" Crosspicking

Alternate Crosspicking Patterns

Pioneer Techniques Summary

Neighboring Notes, Scale Runs, and Drones

Clarence White Excerpt

  • "Salty Dog Blues"

Doc Watson Excerpts and Drone Strings

  • "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain"
  • "Buffalo Gals"
  • "Wabash Cannonball"
  • "You Are My Sunshine"

Licks and Soloing C and G Licks

  • "Jimmy Brown the Newsboy"
  • "The Crawdad Song"
  • "Nine Pound Hammer"
  • "Storms Are On The Ocean"
  • "Old Spinning Wheel"

Fiddle Tunes and Carter Style

  • "Arkansas Traveler"
  • "Red Wing"

Looking Forward