Tim Twiss

Flash Drive: Early Banjo Complete

performed and compiled by Tim Twiss
sku: 158-111
A mind-boggling compendium of 19th-century banjo music on a thumb drive! ALL the instrumentals from the principal tutors published between 1855 and 1872, plus the banjo section of the Converse Analytical Banjo Method of 1887. It totals 496 tunes, HOURS AND HOURS of the source music for banjo, all MP3 files easy to download and to use as you see fit. PLUS as a bonus, you get nine original tutors as matched by the recordings. These are pdf files of the original music. The banjo music is all solo, and played true to the score.   More Details...

  • Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855 published by Oliver Ditson & Co.
  • Phil Rice's Method for the Banjo 1858 - Oliver Ditson & Co.
  • Buckley's New Banjo Book of 1860 - Firth, Pond, & Co.
  • Winner's New Primer for the Banjo 1864 - William A. Pond & Co.
  • Frank B. Converse's New and Complete Method for the Banjo With or Without a Master 1865 - S.T. Gordon (The "Green Book")
  • Frank B. Converse's Banjo Without a Master 1865 - Dick and Fitzgerald (The "Yellow Book")
  • Buckley's Banjo Guide 1868 - Oliver Ditson & Co.
  • The Banjo, and How to Play it 1872 - Dick and Fitzgerald
  • The Banjo Style section from Frank B. Converse's Analytical Banjo Method 1887 published by S.T. Gordon & Son