First Lessons Upright Bass

by Chris Tordini
sku: 02-30006M
Book with online audio. Detailed guide to learning to play the upright bass. Designed for beginners, no prior musical knowledge is needed. Covers technique fundamentals, reading music, and basic music theory. Emphasizes the importance of crafting a personal approach and relationship to the instrument. Although having a private teacher is ideal, the book is designed to supply you with anything and everything you might need to start on your own. 32 pp.   More Details...


  • Foreword
  • French Bow
  • German Bow
  • Standing with the Bass
  • Tuning the Double Bass
  • Right Hand Technique
  • Pizzicato
  • Arco
  • Left Hand Technique
  • Basics of Reading Music
  • Clefs
  • Staff (Mnemonic Devices Used for the Lines and Spaces)
  • Rhythm
  • Exercises on the Open Strings
  • Half Position
  • Major Scales in Half Position
  • First Position
  • More Basics of Reading Music
  • Ties
  • Slurs
  • Rests
  • Key Signature
  • Key Signature Reference Chart
  • Second Position
  • Right Hand Exercise for Open Strings (Pizzicato)