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First Lessons: Blues Harmonica

by David Barrett

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Book/Online audio/video set. An exciting beginning blues harmonica course! The ideas presented are solidly in the blues tradition with great sounding bluesy licks to play, even for beginners. Includes: phrasing concepts (how small pieces of music, called licks, are organized to create a solo), 12 Bar blues theory, vibrato, shakes, and tongue blocking. The audio includes the music from the book with accompaniment. For C major diatonic harmonica. 28 pp.

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A Word from the Author
About the Author

Section 1 - Getting Started
Placing Your Lips on the Harmonica
Holding the Harmonica
Understanding Notated Music
Understanding the Harmonica

Section 2 - Chugging and Swing
Chugging and Swing Examples 2.1-2.6

Section 3 - Understanding the Blues
12 Bar Blues Progression
12 Bar Blues & Swing Examples3.4-3.6
Feeling 12 Bar Blues & Single Note Horn Lines
Throat Vibrato

Section 4 - AAA Verse Form, Licks & Songs
Examples 4.1-4.6
Song Examples 4.7-4.9

Section 5 - AAB Verse Form, Licks & Songs
Dip Bend
Examples 5.1-5.6
Song Examples 5.7-5.9

Section 6 - AAA & AAB Verse Forms with Fills
Two Hole Shake
Examples 6.1-6.6
Song Examples 6.7-6.8

Section 7 - A B/A C Verse Form, Licks & Songs
Mixing Melody Line with Chording Examples 7.1-7.2
Examples 7.3-7.4
Song Examples 7.5-7.6
Song Example 7.7

Section 8 - Full Instrumental Example
Big Mama's Jelly

Section 9 - Tongue Blocking
Tongue Blocking Example 9.1