First Lessons Banjo

by Jack Hatfield
sku: 02-99799M
Book/Online audio/Video set. Ultra-easy instruction manual for beginning five-string banjo played in the three finger style in G tuning. Can be used by those with no previous experience with the banjo or music; even by small children. Detailed photos. Covers the most basic rolls, the Alternating Thumb Roll and two Forward Rolls, plus the three basic chords and the relative minor chord. Tab, with the melody notes in boldface. The audio includes all tabbed examples, with rhythm instruments and lead banjo in separate channels. Songs are played at three tempos: VERY slow, medium tempo, and at performing speed with guitar, mandolin and bass accompaniment. Tab, with lyrics. 31 pp.   More Details...

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  • About this Book
  • About the Author
  • Parts of the Banjo
  • The Picks
  • Tuning the Banjo
  • Holding the Banjo
  • Left Hand Position
  • Right Hand Position
  • How to Read Tablature, an Overview
  • Practice Guidelines
  • Lesson 1 Playing A Simple Melody From Tablature
  • Using a Metronome, Left-Hand Finger Placement, GO TELL AUNT RHODY
  • Lesson 2 Counting Time
  • Lesson 3 The Pinch, GO TELL AUNT RHODY (with Pinches)
  • Lesson 4 The Eighth Note, TOM DOOLEY
  • Lesson 5 The Roll, The Alternating Thumb Roll
  • Lesson 6 Playing a Song with the Alternating Thumb Roll
  • Melody Notes and Fill Notes, TOM DOOLEY (with rolls)
  • Lesson 7 The Three Basic Chords
  • GOOD NIGHT LADIES, Proper Position Checklist
  • Lesson 8 The Slide
  • Rests, Pickup Notes, OLD TIME RELIGION
  • Lesson 9 The Forward Roll, Recognizing Rolls by Shape
  • Lesson 10 The Hammer-On
  • The E Minor Chord, Caution Marks, Repeat Marks, CUMBERLAND GAP
  • Lesson 11 Forward Roll #2, The Tag Lick
  • Lesson 12 The Pull-Off
  • For Further Study