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Fingerstyle Guitar Arranging, Composition and Performance

by Raymond Gonzalez

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This is a clear and concise method to help the intermediate-to-advanced guitarist develop the crafts of composing and arranging. With an accessible presentation of theory as it applies directly to the guitar, topics include: the structure and construction of a melody, harmonizing a melody, development of melodic and harmonic ideas, musical form, the roll of rhythm and tempo, the guitar as a compositional tool, and how all these elements are combined into a fully realized piece of music. The importance of open tunings and why they play a major role in fingerstyle guitar is discussed, along with their benefits and practical limitations. Finally, we cover techniques particular to fingerstyle guitar playing and how to approach performing, dealing with nerves and presentation, letting mistakes go and enjoying the experience of playing and performing. Includes access to online audio.

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  • The Guitar as a Composition and Arranging Tool
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Basic Guitar Harmony
  • Amazing Grace - Two Versions
  • Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming
  • Meldoy
  • Rhythm, Time and Tempo
  • Open Tunings
  • Boat Song
  • Sleepers Awake
  • Composing
  • The Grey Sea
  • Arranging
  • Adding Notes to Chords
  • Ornaments and Bends
  • Modern - Contemporary Fingerstyle
  • October Prelude #2
  • All These Novembers
  • Fingerstyle Jazz
  • Greensleeves
  • Tiny Bird
  • Celtic
  • Owen O’Rourke
  • Banks of the Bann
  • Broom of the Cowdenknowes
  • Fingerpicking - Travis Thumb and Beyond
  • The Fishing Blues
  • Playing Your Compositions and Arrangements
  • Performance
  • Practice
  • Warm-ups
  • Sitting and Hand Positions
  • My Approach to Composition
  • Epilogue
  • Tuning Index