Fiddle Tunes Illuminated

by Alan Jabbour
sku: 158-57
The noted old-time fiddle master, Hollow Rock Stringband alumnus and Folk Archivist for the Library of Congress in a book of transcriptions of all 45 tunes from his two most recent CDs, "Henry Reed Reunion" and "Southern Summits!" Tunes include "typical bowings for each tune, double-stops, unisons, some drone notes, syncopated phrase endings, and other details that move the student of fiddling from learning a tune to learning the style in which a tune is played." Spiral-bound; 119 pp.   More Details...

1 Shoes and Stockings

2 Jump Jim Crow

3 Stony Point

4 Reel in A

5 Schottische

6 George Booker

7 James Reed's Favorite

8 Georgia Camp Meeting

9 Shady Grove

10 High Yellow

11 Jawbones

12 Peekaboo Waltz

13 Ebenezer

14 Frosty Morning

15 The Girl I Left behind Me / I'm Going Away to Leave You, Going to Tennessee

16 Hell Among the Yearlings

17 Santa Anna's Retreat

18 Quince Dillion's High-D Reel

19 Betsy

20 Flop-Eared Mule

21 Dean Reed's Favorite

  1. Billy in the Low Land
  2. Henry Reed's Breakdown
  3. Rocky Mountain Goat
  4. Birdie
  5. Rocking the Babies to Sleep
  6. Magpie / Greasy String
  7. Bonaparte's Retreat
  8. Henry Reed's Favorite
  9. Rose Division
  10. Chapel Hill Serenade / Green Willis
  11. Waynesboro
  12. British Field March
  13. Sally Ann Johnson
  14. Lady of the Lake
  15. Hell up Cole Holler
  16. Sandy Boys
  17. Rochester Schottische
  18. The Honeymoon
  19. Henry Ford's Waltz
  20. Washington's March
  21. Boatman

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