Billy Strings & Don Julin

Fiddle Tune X

sku: PYGMY-CD014
2014 - Second collaboration between the young phenom Billy Strings and mandolinic statesman Julin; recorded live at various - and mostly Michigan - venues or "live" in a makeshift studio near Bliss MI.   More Details...


  1. Beaumont Rag
  2. Walk On Boy
  3. Open Up Them Pearly Gates
  4. That Home Far Away
  5. Miss the Mississippi and You
  6. The String Changing Tune
  7. Salt Creek / Old Joe Clark
  8. Sharecropper's Son
  9. Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
  10. I am a Pilgrim
  11. Poor Ellen Smith
  12. Fiddle Tune X
  13. Dos Banjos
  14. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
  15. Shady Grove
  16. Little Maggie
  17. How Mountain Girls Can Love