Famous Solos and Duets for the Ukulele

by John King
sku: 02-20250M
Book/Online audio set. Anthology of pieces from the earliest known methods and collections published between 1909 and 1920. Edited, arranged, and performed by uke virtuoso & historian John King, makes original, classic repertoire available for the first time in nearly a century. The Preface places the uke and its music in historical context, from its early days in Hawai'i, to its widespread popularity on the Mainland. Features the music of Queen Lili'uokalani, King Kalakaua, Ernest Ka'ai, Henry Kailimai, George Awai, George Kia Nahaolelua, N. B. Bailey and Vadah Olcott Bickford, showcasing challenging pieces. With invaluable instructions for the different styles of strumming as played by the "Father of the ukulele," Ernest Ka'ai. Audio contains all 22 pieces performed by John King. Note/tab, extensive fingering and performance notes. Note/tab. 48 pp.   More Details...
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  • Ahi Wela Arr. by Keoki E. Awai
  • Aloha O'e Lydia Lili'uokalani Arr. by Ernest Ka'ai
  • Aloha Quickstep Ernest Ka'ai
  • Banjo Schottische Ernest K. Ka'ai
  • Ei Nei Ernest Ka'ai Arr. by John King
  • El Recuerdo Ernest Ka'ai
  • Funiculi-Funicola Luigi Denza Arr. by N. B. Bailey
  • Haele Ernest Ka'ai
  • Hawai'i Pono 'iDavid Kalakaua & Henri Berger Arr. by George Kia Nahaolelua
  • Hene Henry Kailimai
  • Hone A Ka Wai Ernest Ka'ai
  • Ka Wehi Ernest Ka'ai
  • Lauia Henry Kailimai Arr. by Ernest Ka'ai
  • Leilani Ernest Ka'ai
  • Loke Lani Ernest Ka'ai Arr. by John King
  • Petite Valse V. O. & Z. M. Bickford
  • Polka-Mazurka Ernest Ka'ai Arr. by Henry Kailimai
  • Serenade Of The Ukuleles V. O. & Z. M. Bickford
  • Spanish Fandango Henry Worrall Arr. by N. B. Bailey
  • The Blue Bells of Scotland Arr. by T. H. Rollinson
  • Timothy at the Husking Bee Arr. by V. O. & Z. M. Bickford
  • Wailana Malie Kaleikoa Arr. by Keoki E. Awai