Encyclopedia of Irish and American Fiddle Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar

by Duck Baker
sku: 02-98545M
Book with online audio. Intended as a folio of arrangements from the repertoire of a working musician, this contains a minimum of discussion about the technical aspects of playing. Tunes are presented generally in order of difficulty. The bulk of the tunes presented are fiddle tunes, with a couple of banjo tunes, several originally played on other instruments and a small number composed for the guitar. Intermediate. Note/tab. 151 pp.

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  • The South Wind
  • The Flowers of Belfast
  • The Blackbird and the Thrush
  • John O'Dwyer of the Glen
  • Miss Forbes' Farewell
  • Sergeant Early's Dream
  • Oliver Goldsmith's Lament


  • No Love
  • Spanish Cloak
  • Child of My Heart
  • The Dodder Bank
  • Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
  • Planxty Sweeney
  • The Galtee Hunt


  • Banish Misfortune
  • Market Girls
  • Catholic Bill's
  • Little Brown Jug
  • Tasha's Cakes
  • Joy of My Life
  • The Banks of Lough Gowna
  • The Rakes of Waterloo
  • My Darling Asleep
  • Haste to the Wedding
  • Huggerth the Puss
  • The Oak and the Willow
  • The Tar Road to Sligo

Slip Jigs

  • The Butterfly
  • The Exile's Jig
  • Top It Off
  • Paddy Now Won't You Be Easy


  • The Boys of Blue Hill
  • The Plai(more...)

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