Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machine Pedal

sku: EHC9
The C9 can transform your instrument into a convincing electric organ or vintage electronic keyboard. For each preset, it also provides precise control over important elements of that sound sonic fingerprint like percussive click, modulation, attack/sustain, drawbar setting, or high frequency content. Blend your dry signal to create beautiful layers of sound.   More Details...
This item is available on Special Order. Please phone us to arrange the order. 517-372-7890

  • Fast and flawless tracking
  • 9 presets of popular and classic electric organ tones including: Tone Wheel, Prog, Compact, Shimmer, Lord Purple, Mello Flutes, Blimp, Press Tone and Telstar
  • Controls include organ and dry volume, modulation speed and click (percussive attack) level
  • Also works for a keyboard needing a great organ tone
  • Rugged and easy to use
  • Includes 9.6 DC power supply
  • This item can only be shipped within the USA

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