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Easy Renaissance Pieces for Classical Guitar

compiled and edited by Jerry Willard

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Book/CD pack. Brings to life some of the best-known lute works of the Renaissance, including many musical selections from the plays of William Shakespeare, such as "Greensleeves" and "When That I Was and a Little Boy." Many of the great lute composers are represented including Dowland, Johnson, and even King Henry VIII. Designed for the beginner and intermeidate guitarist; a total of 61 pieces and all are performed on the accompanying CD by Jerry Willard. Note/tab. 80 pp.

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  • A Jig (R. Askue)
  • A Jig (Francis Cutting)
  • Ah Robyn, Gentle Robyn (William Cornyshe)
  • Almain (Robert Johnson)
  • Almain (Richard Allison)
  • Balletto (Jean Baptiste Besard)
  • Basse Danse La Roque (Pierre Attaingnant)
  • Bianco Fiore (Cesare Negri)
  • Black Nag (From The Dancing Master)
  • Bonny Sweet Boy
  • Bonny Sweet Robin
  • Branle
  • Branle de la Cornemuse (Robert Ballard)
  • Branle de la Village (Robert Ballard)
  • Conventry Carol
  • Dove son quei fieri occhi?
  • Fantasia
  • Fortune My Foe (John Dowland)
  • Galliard
  • Go From Mt Window
  • Greensleeves
  • How Should I Your True Love Know? (From Hamlet)
  • Ich Klag Den Tag (Hans Neusidler)
  • Kemp's Jig
  • Les Bouffons (Jean D'estrees)
  • Loath To Depart
  • Medieval Dance
  • Mille Regretz (Josquin Des Prez)
  • Mr. Dowland's Midnight (John Dowland)
  • Mrs. Nichol's Almain (John Dowland)
  • Mrs. Winter's Jump (John Dowland)
  • My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (John Dowland)
  • Nonesuch
  • Oh Mistress Mine (From Twelfth Night)
  • Orlando Sleepeth (John Dowland)
  • Packington's Pound
  • Pastime With Good Company (Henry Viii)
  • Pavana I (Luis Milan)
  • Pavana Ii (Luis Milan)
  • Peg-A-Ramsey
  • Pezzo Tedesco
  • Saltarello
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Se io m'accorgo be mio d'un altro amante
  • Spagnoletta
  • Tanz (Georg Leopold Fuhrmann)
  • Tarleton's Resurrection (John Dowland)
  • The Squirrel's Toy (Francis Cutting)
  • There Were Three Ravens (Thomas Ravenscroft)
  • Toy (Francis Cutting)
  • Toy (From Jane Pickering's Lute Book)
  • Toy (From Jane Pickering's Lute Book)
  • Vaghe belleze et bionde treccie d'oro vedi che per to moro
  • Volte
  • Volte (Michael Praetorius)
  • What If A Day Or A Month Or A Year
  • When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy (From Twelfth Night)
  • Where The Bee Sucks From (From The Tempest, Robert Johnson)
  • Willow, Willow (From Othello)
  • Wilson's Wilde
  • Woodycock (From The English Dancing Master)