Early Irish-American Banjo

by Rob MacKillop
sku: 02-22173M
Book with online audio. The roots of Irish influence on American banjo music extend back to the 1840s, when the legendary Joel Sweeney picked up a gourd banjo from Black American banjo players, and proceeded to perform 'jigs, reels and breakdowns.' MacKillop has collected 27 pieces from the lost heritage of the Irish-American banjo. Includes TAB for 5-string banjo as well as tenor banjo. The tenor banjo arrangements are in two tunings: GDAE and CGDA. Can be played with either a flat pick or fingerstyle. "St Patrick's Day," "Rocky Road To Dublin," "Savourneen Deelish," "McCormick Party Reel," "Sheridan's Hornpipe," more. Intermediate. 64 pp.   More Details...

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Method For The Banjo With Or Without A Master – Frank B Converse (1865)

1 St Patrick’s Day [4th-string - D]
2 Bully For All (aka Paddy Go Down) [C]
3 Sprig of Shelalah [D]
4 Irishman’s Shanty [D]
5 Blarney Jig [C]
6 Mickey Malooney [D]
7 Irish Jig [D]

The Banjo And How To Play It – Frank B Converse (1872)

8 Rocky Road To Dublin [D]
9 The Kilkenny Lads [D]

Analytical Banjo Method – Frank B Converse (1887)

10 Cruiskeen Laun (full pitcher of whiskey) [C]
11 Irish Jig No1 [C]
12 Irish Jig No2 [C]
13 Savourneen Deelish (faithful sweet heart) [C]

The Banjoist’s Budget – Albert Baur (1883)

14 Muldoon Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
15 McCormick Party Reel [D]
16 Good Enough Irish Reel [D]
17 Mary McCarty Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
18 Keep It Up Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
19 Rooney’s Favorite Irish Reel [D]
20 McGinley’s Reel [D]
21 The Wind Up Irish Reel [4th-string not used]

Buckley’s Banjo Guide – James Buckley (1868)

22 Pat Malloy’s Jig [D]
23 Sheridan’s Hornpipe [C]

Dobson’s Universal Banjo Instructor – HC and GC Dobson (1882)

24 Irish Jig 1 [D]
25 Irish Jig 2 [D]
26 Irish Reel [D]
27 Connaught Man’s Rambles [D]