Early Banjo

by Tim Twiss
sku: 158-84
"A guide for learning the Minstrel banjo of the 19th century - easy-to-follow tunes, edited and compiled by Tim, for the beginner and intermediate banjo player." It is a faithful summary of the banjo playing style as it developed in America. There were a series of "Tutors" published between 1850 and 1886 which share common performance techniques. This book puts it together and demonstrates how the banjo was played. There are on-line videos that explain and demonstrate the techniques in the book and audio for the printed music. A complete and concise course for  the REAL old-time banjo-playing style! Spiral-bound; 26 pp.   More Details...



Fingerboard Orientation

Getting Ready - Tuning

Strikes and Setting Up the Right Hand

Playing Juba

Movements from the Briggs' Banjo Instructor

  • Cotton Pod Walk Around
  • Old Dan Tucker
  • Jim Along Josey
  • Old Joe
  • Original Essence of Old Virginny
  • Hear Him Johnny Hear Him
  • Rattlesnake Jig
  • Boston Jig
  • Briggs' Jig
  • Briggs' Corn Shucking Jig

Second Edition Introduction

Combinations and the Pull

The Hammer

  • Old Joe
  • Walk Along John
  • Picayune Butler
  • Night Time Jig
  • Lucy Neal
  • Git Up in de Morning
  • Bee Gum Reel
  • Rumsey's Jig
  • Silver Lake Waltz
  • Philadelphia Reel

Old Dan Tucker - Live performance with vocals

Union Jig - Performance with added percussion

Banjo Rosetta Conversion Table

Recommended Add-Ons and Alternatives