Early American Classics for Banjo

by Rob MacKillop
sku: 02-22172M
Book with online audio. Discover the birth of American fingerstyle banjo in this collection of 28 tunes culled from banjo publications published between 1855 and 1887. Learn banjo music by early leading players James Buckley, Albert Baur, and the great Frank B. Converse. From folk-style dances to parlor dances, to advanced Romantic-period classical-style solos. Can be played on modern banjos or period-style instruments. The audio features a gut-strung banjo, played with the flesh of the fingertips, in the old American tuning. For modern players, Rob has provided TAB and notation at modern banjo pitch. Clawhammer players will find many of the pieces suitable for their technique, and bluegrass/fingerstyle players will be able to play all the pieces. Rob's introductory essay places the music in historical context. Beginning/intermediate. Note/tab. 55 pp.   More Details...
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  • Introduction

James Buckley

  • Jig from French Quadrilles
  • Buckley’s Jig
  • Waltz with Variations
  • Wild Flower Mazurka
  • Leavit’s Polka
  • James Buckley’s Fancy Solo
  • One String Waltz

Albert Baur

  • Electric Light Reel
  • Twisted Rope Jig
  • “Too Utterly Too” Clog Dance
  • Minstrel Stage Reel
  • Nobody Knows Reel
  • Lively Twins Reel
  • Jumping Jacks Reel

Frank B. Converse

  • Prelude
  • Blue Bell of Scotland
  • The Pequot Galop
  • Gumbo Reel
  • The Picnic Reel
  • The Starlight Mazurka
  • The Starlight Polka
  • Leaning on the Garden Gate
  • La España Waltz
  • The Dell Schottische
  • Boquet Mazurka
  • Minor March
  • The Dream Mazurka
  • Essence of Old Virginny