Steve Baughman

DVD-The Power of Claw: A Complete Course in Clawhammer Guitar, From Beginner to Advanced

taught by Steve Baughman
sku: OLS-DVD3437
"Learn High-Five and other tunings, Percussive Slapping, Tapping, Clawmonics, Funk, and More!" with guitar luminary Baughman. In this first-of-a-kind clawhammer guitar DVD - the driving, old-time banjo technique applied to the guitar - you'll progress from beginning to advanced in 26 easy lessons: from the basic "bum-ditty" pattern to drop-thumb technique to advanced pyro-picking - and learn to play six great tunes along the way! Tab included; 70 mins.   More Details...

1 Wasilla Weed

2 Shady Grove

3 Cluck Old Hen

4 Old Joe Clark

5 Cripple Creek

6 Angeline the Baker