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DVD - John Hartford's Old Time Fiddling: Trying to Teach My Hands to Do What I Hear in My Head

taught by John Hartford

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Teaches bowing techniques of several old-time fiddle heroes, offers advice on bowing, dynamics, improvisation, more. For mid-beginner to advanced players. Includes booklet with transcriptions of tunes taught. 114 min.

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  • Note from John Hartford
  • Sally Johnson Example
  • Yellow Barber
  • Orange Blossom Special Example
  • Benny Martin Feel
  • 2nd Part to Sally Johnson
  • Paganini Stroke (Georgia Long Bow)
  • Phrasing Example
  • Starting in a Sixteenth Example
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • Dusty Miller
  • Phrase Endings
  • Weaving a Melody - Old Joe Clark
  • Old Joe Clark
  • French Harp Stroke Example
  • Sally Johnson (Katy Hill)
  • The Squirrel Hunters (two versions)
  • Hamilton Iron Works
  • Flea Market Breakdown
  • Acrobat's Hornpipe
  • Interview Excerpts
  • Discography