Henry C. Dobson 1867 Patent Model (1867-73)

sku: 60U-203393
Walnut (maybe mahogany?) neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearl slotted square inlays, 19 frets, top tension wood tension hoop that screws into internal resonator / rim, 43 L-brackets fasten to rim and resonator (3 are missing),  ~9-3/4" skin head is tastefully painted with a woman's face, Brazilian rosewood laminate on flat back resonator, tension hoop and headstock overlay, extra hole drilled in headstock for a 6th string, replacement nut, violin style ebony tuners, replacement "GROVER PATENT" Presto Ideal tailpiece, ~27-1/4" scale, 1-15/32" nut, bass side of neck heel is stamped "HENRY C. DOBSON'S / PATENT JULY 16, 1867", very modern features for this time period (resonator, top tension adjustment), an attractive and rare mid-century banjo, with Boulder Alpine Series gigbag, VGC+   More Details...

  • Mahogany or walnut neck
  • Brazilian rosewood fingerboard
  • Pearl slotted square inlays
  • Top tension head with internal rim
  • External flat back resonator with Brazilian rosewood laminate
  • Nylon strings
  • L brackets that connect rim and resonator
  • Extra hole in headstock
  • Woman's face painted on ~9-3/4" skin head
  • ~27-1/4" scale, 1-15/32" nut (replaced)
  • Boulder Alpine Series gigbag (green)
  • VGC+ condition