Digitech Ventura Vibe Rotary/Vibrato Pedal (Recent)

$99 $105
sku: 135U-201367
Try to keep your balance! The Digitech Ventura Vibe rotary vibrato pedal provides lots of swirly vibey goodness. Features three effects, including vintage modern and rotary settings that can be contoured to accentuate high frequencies and driven to distort via the Ventura Vibe's stacked tone and drive controls. Also includes speed (with tap speed ramping feature), depth and mix controls, stereo inputs and outputs, constant high-voltage rails, tri-color status LED indicator, and true bypass circuitry. Compact design with a vacuum-style footswitch and striking graphics. This pedal is in excellent condition.   More Details...

  • Three Unique Rotary/Vibrato Types: Vintage, Modern, Rotary
  • Slow to fast Foot-Switchable speeds 
  • Vacuum-Style Footswitch
  • True Stereo I/O
  • True Bypass circuitry
  • EC