Diatonic Arpeggios for Classical Guitar

by Kenneth Meyer
sku: 02-30615
Provides extended arpeggios for all chords over the full range of the guitar's tessitura. Fingerings for the left hand present a variety of shifting possibilities: open-string, glide, free-finger and squeeze shifts. Right-hand fingerings demonstrate sequencing patterns that will improve control and dexterity when navigating the thorniest concert repertoire. Notation only. 42 pp.   More Details...
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  • Diatonic Major and Minor Arpeggios
  • Diatonic Dominant and Major Seventh Arpeggios
  • Diatonic Half-Diminished and Minor Seventh Arpeggios
  • Diatonic Diminished and Minor-Major Seventh Arpeggios
  • Diatonic Dominant and Major Augmented Seventh Arpeggios