Deering D-6 Banjo Guitar (1995)

$1,450 $1,685
sku: 200U-202876
A nice option for guitarists looking to explore banjo tones, the Deering D-6 has a 6-string guitar neck on banjo pot assembly. It is strung and tuned like a standard 6-string guitar. It’s built with a double bound mahogany resonator, a mahogany neck, and an ebony fretboard. It’s equipped with a flathead tone ring and modern guitar style tuners. This instrument is in very good condition.   More Details...

  • Natural finish
  • 11” maple rim
  • Double-bound mahogany resonator
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Mahogany neck
  • Grover tuners
  • 1-24/32" nut
  • ~26” scale
  • SN: 12175095-4505
  • EC-
  • Hardshell case